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The wisdom of others

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I love blog posts.

Other people’s blog posts, that is.

It occurs to me that, as I stumble and struggle to put into words all of the things, that there are truly gifted writers out there on the interwebs.  Mommas who are living and doing and being in ways that inspire me and affirm that we are all in this together.

Take this awesome blog post by Lauren over at Sipping Lemonade, for example, called “How Mothers Can Change the World.” I DEVOURED this post – she took the time to scour through Mother Teresa’s quotes about the family (so I didn’t have to) and laid them all out for me like a gift.  Each quote struck home and, in reading them, inspired me to be a better wife and mother.

I love that.

See the best in your family,” is #6 on Lauren’s list.  This one particularly hit home for me today.  It was the school talent show.  3 of my girls were performing and my oldest boy was helping out backstage.  I’m not a stage mother – or at least, I try not to be – but moms are our children’s best supporters and worst critics.  So, as proud as I was of all them – and trust me, I was – it was hard not to see the places where things just went a little bit wrong.  The way one’s voice shook with nerves while she was singing her song.  The way one of them stood so far away from the microphone during her duet that I couldn’t really hear her sweet voice.

And then, it happened.  My 13-year old son, setting up the microphone for his 6-year old sister, bent his 5′ 8″ frame down to her, put his face in front of hers and whispered something, and then high-fived her before walking away and leaving her to sing her solo.  It happened so quickly that I wasn’t sure I’d really seen it.  But I came back to the afternoon show, and it happened again.  Heart explosion.

Later, at dinner, I asked her what her brother had said to her.  “John said, ‘Are you ready?’ and I said, ‘YES!” She relayed it to me matter-of-factly, no big deal, why WOULDN’T her brother lean over and encourage her before she got up in front of everyone and sang her little song?

And there, I thought, is the gift.  The grace that moves from person to person as we love and encourage each other.  It changes how we see the world – how safe we feel when we love and are loved.

So grateful for my little family tonight. And grateful for eyes that can see the best in them.

Matthew and Clare

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